Cuban singer DKB donates 'Nada Me Aleja' rights to Spain's ADELA

I tell you ahead of time, this story may break your heart.

Cuban singer/composer DKB’s publicists announced today that he has donated the rights, including the moneys that come from streaming it, of his song “Nada Me Aleja” [Nothing Takes Me Away] to ADELA, an outfit in Spain that fights Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a type of sclerosis that, so far, has no cure.

DKB was inspired by the story of his friend Fernando Mogena, a Spanish Judo champion who fought this illness with courage, hope, and humor. Mogena had just come back from his honeymoon with wife Miriam when he was diagnosed. After learning about the illness, they decided to have a child, a girl whom they named Luna. Mogena passed away in 2016.

DKB began to write the song upon seeing the messages that Miriam would write on social media after Mogena’s death. Phrases like “Te siento conmigo” [I feel you with me] and “No te has ido” [You haven’t left], which filled the artist with feeling and inspiration.

Enjoy the video. You can also support by purchasing the song HERE.

By Dena Burroughs  --  February 13, 2018