Support the Hispanic Scholarship Fund with Giada Valenti’s Gracias a la Vida

With the release of her new single Gracias A La Vida (on Feb. 23, 2018), Italian singer Giada Valenti pays tribute to life. This recording is her own spin on a song written and first performed by renowned Chilean artist Violetta Parra.

Giana chose to record the song after a health scare (you can read the story in her own words below). All profits from it will be donated to the Hispanic Scholarship Funds. In the last 10 years Giada Valenti has made contributions to several organizations that help raise funds for scholarships like the N.I.A.F., the O.S.I.A. and the Columbus Citizens Foundation.

“It is a very special song for me. It’s my second release in Spanish, after Como La Flor last year, and it comes at moment in my life where I’m so grateful for so much. A few years back I was for a month in the hospital, where three tumors were found on my pancreas. An incredible team of doctors at Mt. Sinai in New York worked on me. With major surgery and a miracle I had a second chance and have my health back, and [I’m] back to my family, my fans and to my music. It was without a doubt a very difficult time, but also an experience that really changed my life. To learn as a young woman that life is so precious, fragile, and [that it] can be taken away so easily, made me realize even more than before that I had to be grateful for everyday and make everyday count like it is my last. So when I was looking for new songs I came across this one, felt a deep connection, and I had to record it. The release will be accompanied by a special video clip with images of people that [are] grateful for life, the life that has given them so much.”

Giada is most known for her music special on PBS, entitled From Venice With Love. In her PBS Special and in the tour that followed, the Italian singer paid tribute to many iconic female singers like Karen Carpenter, Edith Piaf, Linda Ronstadt, Dusty Springfield, Etta James, and Shirley Bassey; all of them female singers that have made their mark in the music industry and given beautiful music to the world.

Born and raised in Venice, Italy Giada Valenti started to sing and play piano at the age of seven and began touring professionally with a band by age twelve. She sings and speaks in five languages.

You can see thirty seconds of the making of Gracias a la Vida below, but make a note to purchase it when it becomes available on Feb. 23. The single will be available on all major download and streaming services.

By Dena Burroughs  --  Jan. 16, 2018