About the day John Krasinski saved a girl’s life at a Costa Rican beach

John Krasinski, the adorable guy who we all got to love in The Office, talked to Playboy about a life changing moment he had in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

It turns out that right after high school he spent six months in Tiquisia with a local family who helped him with his Spanish and to achieve a “cool, pura vida, Costa Rica experience.”

While there, he also got to taste the feeling of being a superhero by saving a drowning tica! The moment changed his life and made him grow up, he said in the article that you can read in full here.

And by going around saving Costa Ricans, he just gave me a reason to support his upcoming movie, which, according to the article, comes out in April also starring his wife, Emily Blunt.


Photo: Wiki Commons

By Dena Burroughs  --  March 2, 2018