Costa Rican soccer player Marcos, not Marco, Ureña lives in Pasadena, CA

Turns out that Marco Ureña is actually Marcos Ureña. The “s” out of Marcos was dropped seven years ago, and by mistake, when he left Alajuelense (Costa Rican soccer team) to go play in Russia. He didn’t complain when it happened (I imagine like a good tico he didn’t want to rock the boat and jinx his luck) and so the Marco-without-the-s followed him to two teams in Denmark, to the San Jose Earthquakes, and now to Los Angeles, after the LAFC picked him up during December’s MLS expansion draft.

Bob Bradley realized the error while getting introduced to his new player and apparently insists on using the proper name.  Although, according to yesterday’s article on the LA Times, Ureña doesn’t really care whether people call him Marcos or Marco, even in Costa Rica, these days.

He’s happy in Los Angeles; has a house already in Pasadena. (Can’t wait to see him around Old Town one of these days.)

Damn Russians get to meddle in everything!


Photo credit: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

By Dena Burroughs  --  February 23, 2018