Edited April 17, 2018

Henrietta Boggs, a young Southern Belle from Alabama, fell in love in Costa Rica with a man who would transform the country. The documentary FIRST LADY OF THE REVOLUTION talks about her story and about the journey of political upheaval and eventual reforms brought about by her husband, Jose (Don Pepe) Figueres.

“Don Pepe” Figueres served as President of Costa Rica for three terms: 1948 to 1949, 1953 to 1958, and 1970 to 1974. During his first term in office he abolished the army, nationalized the banks, and granted women and blacks the right to vote. He is one of the most important political figures in Costa Rica’s history.

This is a story told through the eyes of the woman that accompanied him for a decade.

Learn more about the film and purchase the DVD by following this link. Also, enjoy the trailer below.

Trailer: First Lady of the Revolution from Spark Media on Vimeo.