Coca Cola asked Jason Derulo for a song that would reflect the values of optimism, inclusion, vitality, emotion, and the union of all countries experienced during the FIFA World Cup. The result was “Colors,” a song that will be heard throughout the event.

The Latin American version of “Colors” was presented yesterday in Miami by Colombian artist Maluma. The interview and performance were streamed live and can now be seen HERE. The video is just over an hour long, with Maluma explaining the process and his own feelings about soccer. The actual song takes the last five minutes of the video.

“We know that FIFA’s World Culp is one of the most important cultural and social events in the planet. We believe that music, just like soccer, awakens passions in people. With this anthem we continue to tighten the relationship of Coca Cola with the sport,” said Guillermo Gimenez y Brotons, Coca Cola’s Director of Communications for Southern Latin America.