People who think one can’t be both beautiful and smart are just so wrong! And here’s more proof: Costa Rican born model Jessica Perez was just interviewed (by Alison Gilbert for Women@Forbes) about the app that she created to help freelancers keep their finances in check. The app is sort of an easier version of Quickbooks, for which one doesn’t need to take a community college class to understand the software before being able to get a hold of one’s finances.

In the article, Perez explains the good, the bad, and the ugly of getting such an ambitious project off the ground. “The good” being all the people who supported her on the way; “the bad” the having to do it with limited capital; and “the ugly” the dealing with guys who would invite her to “business meetings” that would turn out to be dates. (She’s a model, so just imagine!)

Anyhow, it’s an interesting article that you can read in full here. The app is called Tycoon: the job tracker for freelancers. I downloaded it!


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