OK. I mean “grow” as in… somebody is building a simulated Costa Rican rainforest in Buena Park, CA, in 2019. The rainforest will be surrounded by thousands of butterflies fluttering in a building that will be called the Butterfly Palladium and that will situated within Buena Park’s entertainment corridor (the area where Knott’s Berry Farm, Medieval Times, and the Pirates Dinner Theatre are located).

The project will cost Outside the Lines about $25 million, which the company thinks will easily be paid off by our current generation of people who rather shop at home and go out only when they feel like having an experience. It’s also, of course, counting on the 6.4 million tourists that visit Buena Park annually, according to this article on BisNow.com.

More specifically, the rainforest will be at the location where The Movieland Wax Museum used to be, at 7711 Beach Blvd., in Buena Park. Besides butterflies, it will feature turtles, fish, bees, jellyfish, a 3-D movie theater, a restaurant, and a gift shop.

Who’s ready for the Costa Rican Palladium!?!  Now, wouldn’t that be a better name?


Photo credit: Rendition of the Butterfly Pavilion / Credit: Outside the Lines