There’s a small ad-ish article on the LA Times today announcing an August (4th to 18th) trip to Costa Rica for single parents and their kids. It’s a two week trip, organized by Intrepid Travel, that includes lots of what our beautiful country can offer – river rafting, rainforests, beaches, volcanoes, and so on. The price tag is over $3,000 for adults, and just under the same amount for kids, which, as a Costa Rican, I can assure you that you could make the trip for much less than that, but… the tour will give you the security of having a tour guide, your hotels picked for you, some of the meals covered, AND… the possibility of meeting other solo parents with similar interests than yours. So, if this is something that sounds interesting, head to the article and learn more about it. Costa Rica is a good place to be, that’s for sure!


Photo: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica / Dena Burroughs