GUNS: THE ALBUM is a concept album that explores the most controversial and widely debated issue in America. It was recorded in Santa Monica, CA with an eclectic group of artists from across the nation, including Eric McCormack, Terrence Mann, Frances Fisher, Tess Harper, Jonathan Lipnicki, Mykal Kilgore, Heath Calvert, Taylor Trensch, Ivan Hernandez, Joanna Jones, Jack Laufer, and more.

On Columbine, the first official music video from GUNS: THE ALBUM, was released today (posted below). Created and written by Braxton Molinaro and Jonathan Sokolow, the video is directed by Molinaro. The music is produced by Daniel Suett and choreography is by Sara Seger and Jeffrey Sykes. On Columbine features some of New York City’s finest contemporary dancers, vocalist Claudio Parrone Jr., and appearances by acclaimed actors Frances Fisher and Deborah Puette.

More information about the album and its creators HERE.