April 20, 2018 update: There are a few discounted tickets ($1 to $6 off) now on Goldstar, for a limited time. Find them here. It requires making an account but it takes only a minute.

KING TUT: Treasures of the Gold Pharaoh, is the new exhibition celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb. It will open at the California Science Center this Saturday, Mar. 24, 2018.

The exhibit’s collection is the largest assembly of artifacts and gold from Tut’s tomb ever on display outside of Egypt – more than 150 real items. The exhibit in Los Angeles, which will be on display through Jan. 6, 2019, is the start of a 10-city international tour. This is the last time that these artifacts will tour before they are permanently set in the new Grand Egyptian Museum, currently being constructed in Cairo and set to open in January of 2019.

It is an awe-inspiring exhibit that you should definitely see. Opening weekend is sold out, but there are tickets available for future dates. Please be aware of brokers attempting to sell tickets at higher prices. Buy tickets at sell value at CaliforniaScienceCenter.org. They range $19.50 to $29.95, with discounts available for students, seniors, and groups.