I found an article on People.com about a place in Heredia, Costa Rica, named “Territorio de Zaguates,” which translates as “Land of Strays.” The outfit feeds and takes care of hundreds of stray dogs. (It’s a real problem over there. There were all sorts of stray dogs walking around the house where I grew up.) The point of the story is that apparently there are some folks vandalizing the dog sanctuary, poisoning the pooches (also a real thing that Americans have a hard time believing), and disturbing the peace of a place that seems to simply want to do a nice thing.

I’m not much of a dog person, (not a pet person period, actually, although I would take a Bichon Frize) but I cannot imagine someone wanting to hassle people who want to use their time and resources to care for an animal… or a hundred of them.

I thought this would be of interest to my many friends who love dogs infinitely more than they love me.  And if you feel like helping “Territorio de Zaguates” install security cameras and lighting to prevent future break-ins, you can do that HERE.


Photo: “Territorio de Zaguates” Facebook