Costa Rica has been on the news more than usual this week, first with the “Tolerance Won” and “Pura Vida for All” headlines over the Carlos Alvarado Quesada presidential win over the evangelical-preacher/singer-turned-candidate Fabricio Alvarado, and now with Epsy Campbell Barr, who as Vice President Elect becomes the first black woman to hold the position, not only in Costa Rica, but in Latin America.

There’s an article on the Washington Post, and another one on Newsweek. Historic! Calls it the Jamaica Gleaner, and says the US should get some inspiration from our little country. There are really articles everywhere, today I got Remezcla’s.

Campbell Barr certainly knew she would be on the spotlight, but I wonder if she expected it to be this soon and this hard. Even her number of followers on Twitter has grown. How do I know? ‘cuz now I’m following too.

Go Epsy! I mean, Madam Vice President Elect…