“VAMOS POR LA ESTRELLA” [We’re Going for the Star] was created in support of the Mexican National Team and hoping to unite people through music for the upcoming 2018 Soccer World Cup. To ensure its success, stars Paty Cantú, Sofia Reyes, and Kap-G joined forces.

“VAMOS POR LA ESTRELLA” is a rhythmic composition in both Spanish and English that carries a message of encouragement and strength for the Mexican National Team:

“Let’s go Mexico let’s win / the people are with you / together we will shout / let’s go Mexico we will get there / the people are with you / together we will sing / Let’ s go Let’s go Let’s go”.

Their collective musical achievements and passion for the Mexican National team  made Paty Cantú, Sofía Reyes, and Kap-G easy choices to express their voice in this song.

After the success as a member of the duet LU, Paty Cantú launched her solo career in 2008. Her debut in the Mexican music scene as a solo artist was established when she earned the MTV Lengua Award for Best New Artist Norte, in addition to her nominations for Oye! in the categories of Best New Artist and Spanish Female Pop Solo Artist.

The vibrant and young singer Sofía Reyes can boast about a successful career at an early age. Sofia became known through YouTube and soon caught the attention of singer and producer Prince Royce, who produced her album under his record label.

The popular rapper Kap G is responsible for putting a touch of rap to the song. Like Sofia, Kap G became known on YouTube through covers, but it was his collaborations with important singers such as Chief Keef, Wiz Khalifa and Jeezy that made him notable as a singer.

Paty Cantú, Sofía Reyes, and Kap-G recorded the official video of “VAMOS POR LA ESTRELLA” in San Antonio, TX.