If you went to school in California, you may already know that the California Poppy, that beautiful small golden flower that grows in gorgeous bunches, is our state flower. The bloom even has its own holiday, April 6, which is known as California Poppy Day. The blooming season is usually from mid-February to mid-May every year.

California Poppies in the Antelope Valley on April 15, 2018


One of the most popular places to see Poppies near Los Angeles is the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, which is a state-protected area located about 15 miles west of Lancaster. When the Poppy’s blooming season is good, the reserve treats the visitor to miles of orange colored fields. However, the blooming season is dependent on the amount of rainfall received during winter and early spring, and this year (2018)’s rain was late in winter and the spring heat is already overwhelming the flowers that managed to grow.

California Poppies in the Antelope Valley on April 15, 2018


Yours truly visited the Reserve on April 14 and, if truth must be told, there were more flowers growing on the hill across the road from it than in it. This was well noticed by the visitors looking for Poppy fields.

Visitors in search of the California Poppy fields – April 15, 2018


If you make it to the Reserve, consider also visiting one of the following (relatively nearby) locations: the Antelope Valley Indian Museum State Historica Park, the Red Rock Canyon State Park, and the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area.