TedBlog.com posted an interview with Monica Araya, Director of Costa Rica Limpia (Clean Costa Rica), on July 18, 2018. The blog acknowledges that Costa Rica is already generating 99% of its electricity through renewable energy. The possibility of hitting 100% is quite real, particularly now that the new administration is fiercely on board.

Public transportation is big in Costa Rica. For that reason, an immediate effort has been launched to start introducing electric buses. There’s also a plan for an electric urban train that will run at the perimeter of the Greater Metropolitan Area, a project that Araya believes will be started by the end of this administration’s first term.

Granted, Costa Rica is a small country. Its clean energy numbers won’t be enough to change the overall global warming problem. But Costa Ricans believe they can be an inspiration to other countries, maybe even towns, in their own goals to support the environment. Costa Rica is willing to be a “testing ground for a fossil-free society,” and when you see it that way, the efforts are worthwhile.

Other than its terrible misspelling of “Colombia,” the Ted Blog is a good read. Find it here.