KPCC radio’s Larry Mantle spoke to David Poole, chair of the Azusa Pacific University Board of Trustees, as well as to Nolan Croce and Erin Green, APU students (current and graduate respectively) who are part of the LGBTQ community, regarding the change on policy that would, but later wouldn’t, happen in the school’s position on same-sex relationships.

You may have heard the announcement that the school was to remove a clause from its student handbook that prohibits same-sex relationships on campus. Just a few days later, however, the school’s Board in a statement announced that it had not approved the proposed change and that the original clause is to remain in place.

Earlier this week LGBTQ defenders at APU organized a demonstration. Their efforts are gathering some attention, including this radio interview/debate. The conversation is quite interesting and just under 20-minutes long.

Listen here.