DISCO’D, a documentary about homelessness in Los Angeles, will screen at the Downtown Independent Theater in downtown LA Nov. 8 to 14. DISCO’D is directed by Matthew Siretta, and it tells the story of various people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, allowing you an intimate peek into the places they call home, their relationships with one another, their often present addictions, and how they’re affected by the sanitation efforts of the City.

The homeless population in Los Angeles and its surrounding cities has been significantly increasing. However, most of us know very little about this sector of the population. DISCO’D is a window into their tents and their everyday activities. It reveals their difficulties – such as their forever search for electricity; the challenges of moving their belongings every time the Sanitation Department comes by; and of how “affordable housing” can be even more unwelcoming than the streets.

19) Julie - reading poetry 01
Julie reading her poetry on Vine St. in Hollywood (still from film). All rights reserved. Copyright 2019, SMMS, LLC.


DISCO’D is interesting. It expands your understanding of the homeless population, takes away some of the fear, and perhaps even opens your heart further.

DISCO’D is 75 minutes long. Tickets for its week-long run at the Downtown Independent can be purchased here. The Downtown Independent Theater is located at 251 S. Main St., Los Angeles CA 90012.