Hero Theatre commissioned the play TROY from writer Amina Henry, and its world premiere is now performing at the Rosenthal Theater at the Inner City Arts complex in DTLA, directed by Elisa Bocanegra.

TROY tells the story of a single mother struggling to save her family from homelessness while dealing with a landlord that wants her out of her apartment, and with loss of work, the death of family members, and much more. The playwright found inspiration in Euripides’ THE TROJAN WOMEN, but Henry’s work is accessible to all and very much relatable. Although it’s set in a fictional city, no one would negate the similarity it has to Los Angeles, poignantly at this theater, so close to the area known as Skid Row.

The cast is performing for free so that the company can provide transportation and admission tickets for multiple groups of women currently living in city shelters. It’s not often that these women get to see their story told on stage. Your ticket purchase will also support this effort.

Just days before the opening, the show lost its leading actress. April Nixon, a superb artist (she recently received an Ovation Award nomination for her work in THE COLOR PURPLE at Greenway Arts Alliance) volunteered to take on the role. She hasn’t had enough time to completely memorize the play, so she’s “on book” for parts of it, yet never dropping the ball and managing to remain outstanding. Mildred Marie Langford (as Andie) and Carene Rose Mekertichyan (as Cassie) are talented actresses that provide valuable support to the lead.

The show includes original songs by T.J. Keanu Tario. They are part of the story, providing shining moments for Jack Landron (as Dell) and Adam Mendez Jr. (as Tal). The cast is rounded up by DeForrest Taylor as Manny, and young actress Larrieux Ross as Polly.

There are only three more chances to see the play – Friday and Saturday, Nov. 15 and 16, at 8 pm, and Sunday, Nov. 17, at 2:30 pm. Tickets are available here, and additional information can be found at herotheatre.org.

I encourage you to attend. The cost of your ticket will translate into a brand new experience for multiple groups of homeless women in Los Angeles. Plus you’ll have fun while doing some good.