If you are a Costa Rican and you don’t yet know about this, get out from under that rock! The news of The Simpsons‘ escapade to Costa Rica (Season 31, Episode 7) exploded today on all tico media and we’ve enjoyed every second of it. The famous cartoon family played with monkeys, repeated “Pura Vida,” and made note of our indigenous spheres (which purpose no one has ever figured out but we all revere nonetheless). What tico heart in this world will not pump faster to see our flag drawn right next to the popular Bart?! This is something you must see.

To watch it, go to Fox.com. The website gives you one hour to experience their programming without creating an account. The episode is just under 22 minutes long. But honestly, it’s even worth signing in. Did you know that in our country kids can run around machete-at-hand?!  Hah!

 Enjoy the full episode here.