Cirque du Soleil is back for its 15th Big Top show in Los Angeles, this time performing VOLTA on the grounds of Dodger Stadium. This first sports-inspired show will continue in LA through March 8, 2020, and then move to the OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa from March 18 to April 19, 2020. 

Unlike other big tents you may have sat under, the Cirque du Soleil Big Top is stunning, clean, and heated (important on these chilly nights), and the seats, while compact, allow everyone a perfect view of the magnificent stunts happening on stage.

You can look forward to seeing a group of performers in prime physical condition skipping, dancing, jumping, and flying through the air during perfectly synchronized numbers. (An audience favorite is “Mirage,” in which a Brazilian artist is lifted from the ground suspended only by her hair!)

Vanessa Ferreira Calado in VOLTA / BenoitZ.Leroux photo


Music lovers will also enjoy VOLTA’s live band, complete with powerful vocalists, a violinist, percussionists, and more. The music is perfectly synced with the acrobatics. Written by composer Anthony Gonzalez (M83), the sounds of VOLTA evoke an array of emotions.

The explosive final act is “Momentum – BMX,” featuring a full-blown BMX park mounted on stage in which riders deliver a jaw-dropping, fast and furious performance of nonstop acrobatics on wheels. The riders go up the jump boxes and perform air tricks before landing and leaping off the ramps again, crisscrossing and spinning their bikes in midair in a spirit of perfectly-timed sportsmanship.

15-VOLTA_BMX_007_Photo_credit_Matt Beard_costumes_Zaldy.jpg
BMX act / Matt Beard photo


VOLTA is a thrilling show certain to keep you entertained. It’s about an hour and a half long, with a 25-minute intermission. Tickets, starting at $49, are available for purchase by visiting or calling 1-877-9CIRQUE (1-877-924-7783).

Onsite parking is $25 so consider using a rideshare service (I paid $5.50 from Union Station on a Tuesday evening). 

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