The Hola Mexico Virtual Theatre, an online film series version of the Hola Mexico Film Festival (HMFF), is starting this Thursday, May 21, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, organizers of the HMFF are practicing social distancing by offering this virtual experience before the actual 12th edition of HMFF, which is planned for September. Viewers will have the opportunity to watch the best of recent Mexican cinema while staying safe at home.

One of the movies participating is Los Ojos del Mar, directed by Jose Alvarez, which documents the efforts of a woman to pay tribute to a group of fishermen who disappeared at sea in the Gulf of Mexico in 2011. It’s presented in Spanish with English subtitles. Los Ojos del Mar will be screened for 24 hours on May 28.


The Hola Mexico Virtual Theater will also screen the following films:

May 21, Los Parecidos – Dir. Isaac Ezban

May 22, El Estudiante – Dir. Roberto Girault

May 23, Revolucion– Directors- Mariana Chenillo, Fernanda Eimbcke Amat Escalante, Gael Garcia Bernal, Rodrigo Garcia, Diego Luna, Gerardo Naranjo, Rodrigo Plá, Carlos Reygadas, Patrica Riggen

May 24, Oso Polar– Dir. Marcelo Tobar

May  29, Historias Del Desencanto– Dir. Alejandro Valle

May 30, El Cielo Abierto –Dir Everardo Gonzalez

May 31, Tiempos Felices-Dir- Luis Javier H.

Click the titles on this page to learn what each film is about. 

Each one of the curated films will play for only twenty-four hours and will include a pre-recorded Q&A session.

The cost to screen each film will be $4.99 and the proceeds will be shared with the filmmaker. 

Tickets for screenings of the Hola Mexico Virtual Theatre are available HERE.