This is a good weekend for movies. SUMMERLAND, Jessica Swale’s directorial debut, is a progressive love story, set during WWII, that will touch your heart and let you “travel” to the beautiful southern coast of England. SUMMERLAND will be released virtually on July 31 on multiple platforms.

a6af043204ad001ea1cd24528388f11aThis is the story of Alice (played both by Gemma Arterton and Penelope Wilton), a reclusive writer who has resigned herself to a solitary life on the seaside cliffs of Sussex. With WWII bombings happening in London, a knock on her door one day faces her with the task of adopting a young evacuee named Frank. Resistant at first, his presence rekindles feelings and memories that she had forced shut years before. His presence changes her life forever.

A movie that kept costume designer Clare Finlay-Thompson and hair and make-up designer Lisa Cavalli-Green busy working on looks for three different periods (1920, 1940, and 1970), SUMMERLAND is a bit of a war movie and a bit of a period piece that feels fresh on account of its underlying call for open-mindedness. A love story between two women is not something that we usually see placed in those settings. But it works on SUMMERLAND, making it not only a visually stunning film, but also emotionally satisfying.

SUMMERLAND can be rented starting July 31 on the following platforms:

Digital: iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, YouTube, Vudu, PlayStation, Xbox

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