Independent Shakespeare Company (ISC) is one of my favorite theater groups in Los Angeles. I’m just one of thousands of Angelenos who gather every summer at Griffith Park to see its plays; except this year, of course; you already know why. However, no COVID-19 can stop creativity, and ISC has produced a great “living room edition” of The Bard’s Romeo & Juliet that is now showing online, free of charge, through September 27. 

The production is clever, colorful, interactive, bringing the most moving tragedy of all times into a modern world of texting, social media, emojis, and more. The editing, the effects, and the music added have turned it into a real treat.  Aside from that, it’s a pleasure to see a cast that truly reflects the demographic of Los Angeles. 

There were about 70 of us watching it last night on ISC’s Facebook page, and there were others watching through YouTube and on ISC’s website. I encourage you to join in the fun. There will be performances tonight through Sunday (9/18-20) at 7 pm, and next week from Thursday through Sunday (9/24-27) at the same time. Find more information and register for one of them at