AFI is happening as we speak, and you still have three days to enjoy a long list of new films, shorts, and documentaries. I want to tell you about two shorts that I watched last night, which are being screened as part of “Shorts Program 5.” 

POSTPARTUM (Wochenbett)

Mothers, especially those of you who were initiated into the experience of motherhood recently, will really appreciate the message of this animated film by German screenwriter Henriette Rietz. In just five minutes, this short tells a multitude of truths that will be undoubtedly recognized by any female who has lived through the chaos of hormones, of sleep deprivation, and of the confusion of feeling happiness mixed with terror. 



This is a 12 minute short about two young men who need help from a psychologist, albeit each for a different reason. Zach Woods and Brandon Gardner, the screenwriters, managed to get three well-known actors to participate – Will Ferrell, William Jackson Harper (The Good Place), and Fred Hechinger. This one will warm your heart and make you contemplate your priorities.


There are six other shorts as part of Program 5. You’ll like them at different levels depending on what you’re into, but I promise you that each of them will get a reaction from you. You can watch Program 5, for $8, by clicking here.

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