Peruvian first-time director Milena Leon is only the third Peruvian woman considered for an Oscar for her film Song Without A Name, which you can watch for the next few days as part of the Ojai Film Festival.

Song Without A Name discusses the child trafficking problem that happened in Peru in the 1980s, when newborns were taken away from indigenous and impoverished mothers to sell to foreigners looking to adopt. 

The movie quickly brings to mind Cuaron’s 2018 film Roma, because it is shot in black and white and has an indigenous woman (Pamela Mendoza) as protagonist. These are only superficial similarities, however. Song Without A Name was filmed in Lima and Iquitos, Peru, with dialogue in Spanish and Quechua (with English subtitles). It’s based on historical events, and because it was filmed in the winter, it provides an unusual view of the South American Andes. 

The festival continues for only three more days, offering $5 tickets. Once access is purchased, you have 24-hours to watch the film. The transaction includes a recorded Q&A with the director.

Song Without A Name is 97 minutes long. Purchase your ticket here.