This is a 2.5 mile, lightly transited loop in Glendora. Although some categorize it as easy, in my “denameter” it’ll go under moderate, as it’s pretty steep both coming and going. We walked it in about one hour and 45 minutes.

You’ll start at the Colby Trail head. Take some water with you, use sunblock, and if you taste good, bug repellent. The hike starts nice and shaded but the trees disappear after a while. After 45 minutes or so, you’ll find a sign for the Colby-Dalton.


If you want to do the loop, walk behind the sign. It’s not clear at first, but you’ll want to head down the hill. This portion of the hike feels easier, although there are a few sections when you’ll feel like hanging on to your own hair to not fall. At this junction, you’ll be pretty close to Glendora Mountain Road, which unfortunately brings along the noise of cars and motorcycles on the road. The very last section of the loop is on asphalt, up and down the hill again. 

To find the trail, set your GPS to find the Colby Trail Motorway. It’s at the north end of Loraine Ave, where the street meets the mountain, in Glendora. 

Two flowers 😛