DAUGHTER OF THE WICKED, an original one-woman show written and performed by Shanit Keter Schwartz, is now playing at the Odyssey Theatre. The show is directed by Zeke Rettman. Performances will run through April 10.

In DAUGHTER OF THE WICKED, Keter Schwartz returns to her homeland in search of her missing sister, a victim of the Yemenite Children Affair. She looks back at her upbringing as a Yemenite Jewish girl in the newly formed country of Israel. It’s a relatable story about the hopes and dreams of immigrants, pleasantly delivered with humor, grace, and heart wrenching truth. 

The play features original cello music by Grammy Award-winner James Newton Howard, and an original soundscape of authentic Yemenite tin drums and flutes composed by Israeli composer Lilo Fedida. Their work allows your mind to travel from the sands of Yemen to the tin huts of Israeli settlement camps. 

“I wanted to illuminate a story of cultural diversity…,” said the performer. “This is an immigrant story that many audience members will relate to – the essence of that spirit that brought us all to this country and help to define it in the most beautiful way. I want to connect to those who have experienced the pain of loss and with those who may have been discriminated for the color of their skin and who may think that being ‘dark is inferior.’”

Solo shows need to be artfully done to keep an audience’s attention. DAUGHTER OF THE WICKED is delivered with passion and clarity. The playwright’s anecdotes are interesting and believable, and they work as a window into life in far away places of which some of us know very little about. As added benefits, if you are Jewish, there are a couple of inside jokes just for you; if you’re not, you’ll learn a Hebrew word or two.

Performances are held at the Odyssey Theatre, located at 2055 S. Sepulveda Blvd., in Los Angeles. The performance schedule is Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 pm; and Sunday matinees at 3:00 pm. Ticket prices start at $35.00. Visit OdysseyTheatre.com or call 310-477- 2055 for more information.