Richard Cabral stands on stage to tell you the story of his life – from his early years in a barrio east of Los Angeles to his initiation as a gang member, his hops from “juvi” to jail to prison, and of his eventual second chance at life. It’s a riveting 90-minute story that keeps you mesmerized, with few pauses, a bit of poetry, and a lot of heart. FIGHTING SHADOWS is his solo performance, currently at The Rosenthal Theater at Inner-City Arts.

If you are from Los Angeles, and particularly from the San Gabriel Valley, every word out of Cabral’s mouth will sound familiar – because you have seen it, maybe even lived it. His story has a happy ending; a well deserved one after so much strife.

Today, Cabral is an Emmy nominated actor for his work in the American Crime series. In a stroke of luck, he was “discovered” by the producers of NBC’s Southland while working as a baker at Homeboy Industries. Eventually, Cabral created the AllHeART Acting Class, through which he teaches the art of acting to “homeboys” and “homegirls.” He also established an Open Mic Poetry Night in his hometown of Montebello. (Autographed copies of his poetry book VIDA are available for purchase at the theater for $15.) Through his Lineage Entertainment Group, he also produces a live, monthly poetry slam to encourage healing through art.  You can currently see him as part of FX’s Mayans MC.

FIGHTING SHADOWS was written by Cabral in collaboration with Robert Egan. The performance, directed by Diane Rodriguez, is strikingly powerful and absolutely deserving of your going to the theater.

FIGHTING SHADOWS will continue at The Rosenthal Theater through Nov. 4, 2018. General admission tickets are $25, available online here.

The Rosenthal Theater at Inner-City Arts is located at 720 Kohler St. in Los Angeles.